March 17
The first Yoyogi gymnasium (live broadcasting report)

Illumination of a seat disappeared, and it was "eek it in ... ... ...
" and a terrible shout of joy and all all standing up.
™ favorite me this moment
Throbbing from the front reaches a peak for two or three days.
One of the powerful charm of live broadcasting may be the moment when I have it cramped, and illumination of this seat fell.
I get on a shout of joy of all, and my consciousness will splash on a stage, too

The introduction that BRIGADE is long
Nishikawa does not appear.
"Where?- which is where where"
And the silhouette which was projected to the stage central place that became high a little!
"Be Nishikawa"
It and a shout of joy to add to force remarkably simultaneously!

Aoihekireki¨ I.D ¨ LEVEL4
A song follows.
Arrangement has changed a little.
It takes time a little till I notice.
A feeling to be fresh that there "is a way of such an arrangement."

Private Storm
Nishikawa to drive in an interval of music
I will love it today
May "come more"
Be moved with the word
"Are you good?"
Want to really love it with him
I that consciousness fades away.

I let you hear it in a very powerful voice though it is a ballad.
Already sell my eye || sell it

Nishikawa who is projected by a monitor
I seem to have wavered in just like water.
Nishikawa whom is sexy, and dance
I whom all of Nishikawa wanted to watch it, and have looked in opera glasses.
Nishikawa who caresses a shoulder waist.
Touch me
The two who enter the inside of water
Pick up a delusion, and buy it

Last resort
The moon of the midnight appears
There is direction of a light, too || very fantastic || be felt.
And and, in addition, be a face, cheeks, shoulders
Nishikawa whom touches it, and roll up all of a body

Slight faith
Movement of an arm of Nishikawa
I who want to come to laugh definitely.
(only me?)
Cannot hear "a straight sigh", and be disappointed!

Mr. Yamada of a base is dear
I who have taken to amour by an instant
Forgive you

My very much favorite favorite song.
Large sound and silver tape to dash out into together.
The inside of a head more is pure white by impression!
Blood flows backward, and hair stands on end, too.
Like this song!
The feeling that body has reacted to than a head first.

Love Saver
Nishikawa does not give stopping time.
Nishikawa does not forgive that we stop.
We follow it, and be the limit.
Have no room to think
Nishikawa said that "gave this song last."
Trace Millennium Road.
After an encore to be near to scream of all
Master Feel Sad.
"Is not there you wearily yet?"

The shout that was not able to experience on Shizuoka live broadcasting.
The spirit why a meeting place became one does it and is very good!
All the staff of a backstage has done beating time with hands, too.
Illumination of a seat is on
Can see all clearly
On earth feel a feeling
Nishikawa let everybody sit down low low last.
A jump
A feeling is good.
A dear smile of Mr. Nishikawa making look on the way of a song.
The face which seems to be nice
Become glad that be had cramped to this place.
And a dance uses a sexy waist a sexy voice.
Continuation of throbbing.
Seem to die
Do you, and then cannot live

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